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Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin & Feather (CWF3) was founded as a non-profit organization in 2007 by five Central Wisconsin sportsmen who had a common interest in supporting outdoor sports in the local area.

By volunteering and fundraising to support these activities, CWF3 gets outdoor sportsmen involved in their community and ensures that the funds raised are used for 100 local causes that support this mission.


About Us

Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, and Feather Directors

Eric Totzke, President

Eric Totzke, President

“I love kids and veterans and getting them involved in the outdoors!”

Eric is a member of the WI German Shorthair Pointer Rescue Group, acting president of CWF3, as well as one of the yearly banquet MC’s. professionally, currently he is the Plant Superintendent at PCA’s Marshfield location.

He was introduced to the outdoors at the age of 16 through Edgar’s FFA yearly fishing trip to Canada. That’s when his passion for the outdoors started to bloom. He enjoys bow hunting, rifle hunting, and ice fishing. Though Eric’s passion is bow hunting, he loves ice fishing just as much and someday hopes to enjoy some hunting and fishing trips out west or up to Canada.

Chris Brandner, Treasurer

“I’ll see you out on the water!”
Chris comes from the Medford, WI area and now calls the community of Colby-Abbotsford, WI home. Chris’ passion for the outdoors was first ignited by his father at a very early age.

Chris enjoys hunting, fishing, ATV riding, spending time at the cabin, and being near “the water” when possible. Chris’s true passion is fishing, whether it’s inland lakes, rivers, streams, or the great lakes themselves. Chris is familiar with the most water in the area and loves to converse about the latest fishing gear, fishing tips, tactics, and seasonal fish activities. His favorite fish to catch is bass, but he fishes for anything that puts up a fight on the line.

Chris became a member of the CWF3 organization because he saw it as a way to be a part of a group of people that enjoyed the same types of hobbies and interests that he had. He also looks forward to improving the overall outdoor experience people receive at a local level.

Christopher Esselman, Secretary

Christopher Esselman, Secretary

Chris is an officer in the Central Fire and EMS district. Chris lives in Abbotsford and loves giving back to the community as much as he loves the outdoors. Chris enjoys fishing as much as he can and can’t spend enough time outdoors! Chris joined the board after attending one banquet and seeing the great things CWF3 has to offer for the community and the outdoors.

Jesse Kittl

As a resident of Abbotsford, I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. My dad got me hooked on hunting very early in my life. I enjoy hunting, camping, snowmobiling and ATV/UTV’ing. What fired my passion to want to be a part of F3 was when my dad was chosen to be one of the disabled veterans selected for a once in a lifetime buck hunt at Little Lake Memories. I got to see firsthand what F3 was about and wanted to be part of this organization, give a helping hand to put a smile on not only other Veterans faces, but others as well! I am quickly learning F3 does so many other things to help get less fortunate into the outdoors on many levels.

Jesse Kittl
Joe Lemmer

Joe Lemmer

“No matter what you are doing in the outdoors have fun and enjoy the moment”. Joe was born and raised in Edgar and continues to live there to this day. At a young age he was introduced to trout fishing in the local small creeks. As his fishing passion grew, he was introduced to walleye fishing and gets out as often as he can to do either! Joe has been attending F3 banquets for many years and built many friendships with former and current board members. As the banquets went by and the friendships grew, seeing all the good F3 was providing people, his heart told him he wanted to do more, so he joined the board. Joe says his favorite thing about hunting and fishing is the table fare and the comradery with family and friends either during the harvest or the feast.

Jeff Diedrich

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